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I've always had a passion for baking and making things. As a mother and physician, I am always looking for dairy products with A2 casein for my daughters who can only comfortably enjoy that type of milk. After realizing that there was no milk chocolate available using that type of milk, I had the idea of trying my hand at chocolate making. I purchased a small tabletop chocolate melanger and after watching some online "how to" videos, my chocolate making hobby was born. In order to help me become a more well rounded chocolate maker, I took a course from L'Ecole Chocolate so that I could learn as much as I could about the chocolate making process. I have taken many courses over the years and have to say, hands down, that the L'Ecole Chocolate course was one of the most enjoyable. My homework called for tasting dozens of chocolate bars to develop my chocolate tasting abilities. What's not to love with homework like that!!


578 Bevona Sept 23 2018 Spector Photogra

I work as a physician for my day job. I have always loved science, and there is a lot of science in chocolate making. Chocolate making lets me combine my love of science with my love of "making" and I enjoy the challenge of continually trying to perfect my chocolate. When I am not in clinic seeing patients or in the kitchen making chocolate, you can find me out enjoying nature and spending time with my two daughters and husband. 

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