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I am allergic to milk. Is the milk in Golden Bell Chocolate safe for me?

No. Golden Bell Chocolate contains real milk. If someone has a true allergy to milk, then milk with A2 casein will cause the same allergic reaction as milk with A1 casein.

I am lactose intolerant. Does the milk in Golden Bell Chocolate have lactose?

Yes. Lactose is the naturally occurring sugar in milk. It is found in the same amounts in milk containing A1 and A2 casein. A couple of recent studies looking at those who are lactose intolerant do show that milk with just A2 casein can sometimes be easier on digestion. However if you are severely lactose intolerant, then it is best to avoid it.

What about other milk types? What contains A1 and what contains A2 casein?

The type of cows that contain A1 casein (most commonly a mixture of A1 and A2) are those of European descent, which are those that are now commonly used for milking in the Western world. Pure bred cows that came from Asia and Africa contain A2 only. All other milk producing mammals, such as goats, sheep and buffalo contain just A2. Even human mother's milk has only A2 casein!

I don't have any problems digesting milk. Why should I try Golden Bell Chocolate? 


Not everyone has trouble digesting dairy. Golden Bell Chocolate is simply a great milk chocolate made with all natural ingredients. Nothing artificial! Amazingly smooth and creamy with a great chocolatey flavor. So give it a try! 

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